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Re: [HTCondor-users] Order of Job scheduling

Hi John,

yes, I think we could go with <GROUP>_MULTICORE etc. fake groups for the time being. I was hoping for an explicit knob, but it's definitely better than not being able to do it. We only care for multi/single core at the moment, so the group count will still be reasonable.
Thanks for the suggestion!


> Am 29.11.2016 um 06:43 schrieb John M Knoeller <johnkn@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> The order is based on the priority of the accounting principal.  These are sent by the SCHEDD to the collector as SUBMITTER ads
> The negotiator sorts them by priority and then begins trying to match jobs based on that. 
> The accounting principal for a job is the accounting group if one is defined, for jobs that have no accounting group, it's the user name is used.
> If you can arrange for all of the multicore jobs to be have an accounting group specified in their submit file. or have them all be submitted yb a single user, than you can adjust the priority of that entity to make sure that they get scheduled first.
> condor_userprio will show you all of the accounting principals and their priorities, and it can be used to adjust the priorities.
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> Hi all,
> is there a way to influence the order in which jobs are scheduled? Something like GROUP_SORT_EXPR, but working on auto clusters.
> We use partitionable slots and have jobs which fall into certain categories, e.g. multi-core and single-core. We'd like to preferably schedule the jobs which fragment resources the least, i.e. multi-core should go first.
> Cheers,
> Max
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