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Re: [HTCondor-users] output files and umask

On 2/3/2017 1:19 PM, Michael Di Domenico wrote:

Perhaps one quick workaround that would be easy to try is to just tell
condor_submit to not create the stdout/err files, and let the job do that on
its own.  That way the umask setting in your USER_JOB_WRAPPER should do the
trick.  To do this, you can put in your job submit file
  skip_file_checks = True
or if you want to change the default behavior for condor_submit, you could
put in your condor_config file:

but i'm not sure i understand what the submit_skip_filechecks is
doing.  does this mean users would no longer get the output/error
files precreated


and the endless string of dots when they submit a

Not sure... I think you want to use the "-terse" flag to condor_submit to get rid of the dots...

if that's true, it's an interesting use case for us, because we
have people that submit 65k processes per cluster (no dagman).

Yes, a cluster of 65k jobs will certainly submit much faster if you have submit_skip_filechecks=true, because not only will that prevent condor_submit from creating stdout/err files, but it will also prevent condor_submit from asking the schedd to verify it can access all the files specified!

but i
don't understand what happens when that user uses a standard printf to
get output, where does it go?  or does the user also have open stdout
to a file in their program?

I believe the condor_starter on the execute node will also create the stdout/err files as the user if they are not already there. So no changes to the job required if you simply set submit_skip_filechecks=true.

Hope this helps,