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Re: [HTCondor-users] Schedd dies with an exception when communicating with IPv6 startd

grid_collector, A.B.C.D = the grid collector we flock to, and its IP address
W.X.Y.Z = schedd IP address

	I assume both of these are IPv4 addresses?

worker_ip = matched worker node (supposedly IPv6 only)
another_remote_ip = another node at the grid site.

Are these IPv4 or IPv6 addresses? Because right now, this looks a lot like the matched worked node called back over IPv4. I guess ine on way that makes sense if the schedd is IPv4-only, but I'm not at all sure it makes sense any other way.

Do you know if the grid collector has an IPv6 address? I'm beginning to wonder if the 'IPv6-only' node has IPv4 but is configured to prefer its IPv6 address.

I need to investigate more, but it would help if you could answer the questions above. Thanks.

- ToddM