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Re: [HTCondor-users] Problem with REPLICATION_USE_SHARED_PORT

at GRIF we are currently testing HAD and Replication.
Things work just fine when declaring special ports for HAD and REPLICATION. But, when setting REPLICATION_USE_SHARED_PORT to TRUE, the replication service refuses to start and I see errors like these in the Master log of the 2 master servers

This should work, and I don't see anything obviously wrong with your configuration. What happens if you set HAD_USE_REPLICATION to FALSE and remove REPLICATION from the DAEMON_LIST?

Also, try setting REPLICATION_SOCKET_NAME to 'replication'*; the address reported by the failure to bind is almost certainly wrong. You may also need to set HAD_SOCKET_NAME to 'had'.*

- ToddM

*: You can actually set these to anything, as long as you're consistent
   about it, but these are the defaults.