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Re: [HTCondor-users] swap space

Is that memory usage normal? The CHTC central manager
(collector+negotiator) only has 8G of RAM and 16G of swap, and swap is
barely used at all.


On 11/20/18 10:15 AM, Almudena Montiel wrote:
> Thanks Dimitri
> Yes, in the worker nodes we do have 3G per core in average, some
> nodes have 4G per core.
> I was asking for requirements of the server where the htcondor
> central daemons are running. We have all the central services of
> htcondor running in a single server. I was referring to this server
> in my previous mails.
> Thanks and regards,
> almudena
> On 20/11/18 17:05, Dmitri Maziuk via HTCondor-users wrote:
>> On Tue, 20 Nov 2018 14:34:09 +0100
>> Almudena Montiel <almudena.montiel@xxxxxx> wrote:
>>> As for SWAP, we have increased it to 48G. Hopefully that will be
>>> fine.
>> Well the longer answer is if you have to swap, your performance
>> will go down the drain even if you gon't get as far as thrashing.
>> E.g. we run BLAST, it memory-maps its search database in ~2GB
>> chunks, we tried running it with less than 2GB RAM per slot, it
>> went to swap and the jobs took days to complete -- too long to suit
>> our requirements. So all our workers have 2GB RAM per core (slot)
>> or more now.

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