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Re: [HTCondor-users] job transform: change requirement condition?

Hi Thomas F. and Michael,

many thanks for the clues! I think got a bit closer on the thing ;)

Probably I misunderstand regexps() (and struggle with the ClassAd syntax):
does regexps() replaces the whole target string or just the matching
sub-string when it matches the string...?

Thing is, that a transform like [1] matches an input requirement like
  Requirements = ( OpSysAndVer =?= "SL6" ) && ( TARGET.Arch == "X86_64" )
but the resulting requirement is the whole target replaced by the substitute
  Requirements = "OpSysAndVer == CentOS7"
also: it's a string :(

I tried already to explicitly
  eval_set_requirement = eval( regexps(...) )
or to
  set_requirement = eval(regexps(...))
but to no avail.

Additionally, I struggle still with the regexp evaluation in Condor (and
in general) [2]

Maybe somebody as another nudge into the right direction for me? ;)

Cheers and thanks,

# first check if we have an SL6 job before proceeding
Requirements = regexp("OpSysAndVer\\s*==\\s*\"SL6\"",
# and if so, scan for the expression and replace it
eval_set_Requirements = regexps("OpSysAndVer == \"SL6\"",
unparse(Requirements), "OpSysAndVer == CentOS7");

(unfortunately, I am not a regexpert :-[ )

I would like to match '==' as well as '=?=', e.g.,
  > OpSysAndVer == "SL6"
  > OpSysAndVer =?= "SL6"

so, I have to match the white spaces around '==' with \s (as far as I
see, backslashes have to be escaped in the syntax)

Next, I have to match none or one occurence of '?'

Sooo, something like '(?)?' (or so decorated with \) should match - but
I have not managed to get something like
  > regexp("OpSysAndVer\\s*=(?)?=\\s*\"SL6\"", unparse(Requirements));
to match both cases '==' and '=?='

Another confusing thing is, that while for the '==' case regexp()
  > regexp("OpSysAndVer\\s*==\\s*\"SL6\"", unparse(Requirements));
seems to match True on 'OpSysAndVer == "SL6"' -- the same expression
with regexps()
  > regexps("OpSysAndVer\\s*==\\s*\"SL6\"", unparse(Requirements),
"OpSysAndVer == CentOS7");
seems not match -- and returns 'error'

On 2018-10-10 18:51, Michael Pelletier wrote:
> Thomas Finnern for the win! Iâve never had occasion to use that function. Page 508 of the manual, in case anyone was wondering.
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> Hi Thomas,
> have you tried to replace the BaseRequirements by an unparse(BaseRequirements) within the regexprs ?
> Cheers, Thomas
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