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Re: [HTCondor-users] job transform: change requirement condition?

On 10/11/2018 09:00 AM, Thomas Hartmann wrote:

Maybe somebody as another nudge into the right direction for me? ;)

Perhaps you know this already, but as a general service to the greater htcondor-users mailing list, I strongly recommend using condor_status to help debug classad expressions. If you have a pool handy, you can easily run lots of tests by doing something like the following

condor_status -limit 1 -af 'some _expression_ with only literals that don't depend on a machine ad'


$ condor_status -limit 1 -af 'regexp("foo =\??=", "foo == bar")'

The documentation is a little sketchy on regexps, but it takes a third argument, which is the string to return if the regexp matches, so

$ condor_status -limit 1 -af 'regexps("foo =\??=", "foo == bar", "matched!")'

This third string supports \1 expansion of captured submatches, so you could also do

$ condor_status -limit 1 -af 'regexps("foo (=\??=)", "foo == bar", "matched: \1")'
matched: ==