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Re: [HTCondor-users] remote Schedd using the python bindings, w/o passing thru the Collector

> As you discovered, you need more than just the IP address and the Port
> if you are using the condor_shared_port service (which is on by default)
> which allows multiple daemons to share the same listen port.  When your
> client contacts port 9618, that "sock=xxx_xxx_xxx" stuff in the
> MyAddress attribute tells the condor_shared_port if the client wants to
> be connected to the condor_master, or the condor_schedd, or a
> condor_shadow, etc.
> If you want to contact a schedd from a client that cannot get the
> complete MyAddress attribute either from the Collector or from the
> SCHEDD_ADDRESS_FILE, the only option I can think of is to pick a
> well-known port (other than 9618) and tell your schedd to bind to that
> port in addition to responding to clients using the well known port 9618
> that is managed by the shared_port daemon.
> For instance, lets say you wanted to have the schedd also listen to port
> 9619.  To do this, append the following to your config file:
>      SCHEDD_ARGS = -p 9619
> Then I think your client could just use
>     MyAddress = <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9619>
> You will want to make sure your firewall allows connections to port 9619
> in addition to 9618...

Thanks a lot, Todd !!
Very useful info, indeed.