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Re: [HTCondor-users] remote Schedd using the python bindings, w/o passing thru the Collector

It's also fairly important that the CondorVersion attribute is set correctly if you want to submit jobs to that schedd.
submit needs to use the version number of the schedd to handle backwards compatibility and in some cases, to 
enable new capabilities.


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> As you discovered, you need more than just the IP address and the Port
> if you are using the condor_shared_port service (which is on by default)
> which allows multiple daemons to share the same listen port.  When your
> client contacts port 9618, that "sock=xxx_xxx_xxx" stuff in the
> MyAddress attribute tells the condor_shared_port if the client wants to
> be connected to the condor_master, or the condor_schedd, or a
> condor_shadow, etc.
> If you want to contact a schedd from a client that cannot get the
> complete MyAddress attribute either from the Collector or from the
> SCHEDD_ADDRESS_FILE, the only option I can think of is to pick a
> well-known port (other than 9618) and tell your schedd to bind to that
> port in addition to responding to clients using the well known port 9618
> that is managed by the shared_port daemon.
> For instance, lets say you wanted to have the schedd also listen to port
> 9619.  To do this, append the following to your config file:
>      SCHEDD_ARGS = -p 9619
> Then I think your client could just use
>     MyAddress = <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9619>
> You will want to make sure your firewall allows connections to port 9619
> in addition to 9618...

Thanks a lot, Todd !!
Very useful info, indeed.

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