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Re: [HTCondor-users] Cancel peaceful shutdown / cgroupsv2

Hi Christoph,

On 7/24/19 9:57 PM, Beyer, Christoph wrote:
> good to hear from you :) 

same here :)

> If your jobs have an estimated or forced runtime you  can alter the start expression on the workernodes to take a shutdown time into account before starting the job and make it remote administrable: 
The recipe looks nice, however, usually for us neither the jobs nor the
users have an idea of the run time. Well, that's probably too harsh, as
most users have a rough idea about the time duration, but for many jobs
the run time is a function of of the "noisiness" of the input data and
hence unknown beforehand.

But I will keep this in mind as this may enable people running more jobs
iff they know their jobs' run times.

Thanks a lot!


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