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Re: [HTCondor-users] Regular Expressions in -constraint

Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your comments.

I thought something similar at first, but the regexp example in the manual:

shows passing the attribute Name rather than '$Name'.

I did test it anyway:
condor_q -nobatch -const " regexp(""([0-9]+)(_)([A-Za-z]+)"", '$JobBatchName', ""\3"") "

and no jobs are returned.


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interesting need to try that myself but out of the too of my head: you surely need to put '$JobBatchName' otherwise you try to match the string and not the variable ?


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I'm trying out the regular expression functionality of HTCondor's ClassAd mechanism, and have a question for some behavior I don't yet understand.

As background, I would eventually like to utilize a portion of the JobBatchName attribute as a Requirement for matching jobs with machines.

To test how this might work, I'm using condor_q to learn.  HTCondor 8.8.4 running on Windows.

To identify the JobBatchName:
condor_q -nobatch -format %s\n JobBatchName


The string 'lidarMatching' in the JobBatchName is the portion of interest.

I have constructed a regular expression which I think is successfully matching on JobBatchName:
condor_q -nobatch -constraint " regexp(""([0-9]+)(_)([A-Za-z]+)"", JobBatchName) "

as it will return all queued jobs with a JobBatchName formatted like above.

I try to confirm that I am capturing 'lidarMatching' in the way I expect the regexp should be working:
condor_q -nobatch -constraint " regexp(""([0-9]+)(_)([A-Za-z]+)"", JobBatchName, ""\3"") == ""lidarMatching"" "

but this command doesn't return any jobs.

Could someone point to a way with condor_q or other command line to simply 'print' what is matched by the different regexp capture groups?

Thanks and Regards,