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Re: [HTCondor-users] Availability of version 8.8.8 in stable repo


In the past, we've had complaints when the major version jumped in the
stable repository and it took down a HTCondor pool. We endeavor to
maintain backward compatibility from one release to the next. However,
when we release a new stable series, sometimes configuration changes are
necessary. Today, many more administrators have enabled automatic
updates. We think that the condor administrator should deliberately
update to the new major version. It is good time to see how features in
the new version could improve the running of their pool. It certainly is
better than waking up to a broken pool because a version change
overnight doesn't work with the local configuration. Also, some
administrators might prefer to update when the version goes from x.y.0
to x.y.1, letting others deal with any early problems in the stable release.

So, each stable series will land in a new repository. So, you will have
to adjust your mirroring script every 18 months or so.

Please read the upgrading from 8.6 to 8.8 page in our manual:


It outlines to major new features and also highlights changes that the
administrator may need to know about.

Please change your mirroring script to use htcondor/yum/stable/8.8/

Any feedback in appreciated.


On 4/21/20 4:00 AM, Jean-Michel Barbet wrote:
> Hello,
> I use to mirror locally the stable repository in order to perform
> installations and updates via Puppet.
> The newly release 8.8.8 has been put in a different directory
> htcondor/yum/stable/8.8/ while I am mirroring htcondor/yum/stable/rhel7/.
> There may be good reasons for this but I would like to know if you
> intend to move the 8.8.8 packages under htcondor/yum/stable/rhel7/ or
> if I should change my mirroring scripts.
> Thank you.
> JM
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