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Re: [HTCondor-users] can I submit a job and specify it to occupy more then one slots

Hi Alvin,

did you check the parallel universe or DAG jobs ? Maybe one of those options do what you need to do ?


Christoph Beyer
DESY Hamburg

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Building 02b, Room 009
22607 Hamburg

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Von: "zexin chen" <zexin_chen@xxxxxxx>
An: "htcondor-users" <htcondor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Gesendet: Montag, 20. April 2020 03:13:56
Betreff: [HTCondor-users] can I submit a job and specify it to occupy more        then one slots

    I need to submit a job and specify the job to occupy more then one slots on StartD machine, after search both on the user manual and on the internet, only find some way to config a dinamic slot. Can some one tell me is it possible to achieve my goalï If yes, can you teach me how to do? Thank you!

Best regards


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