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Re: [HTCondor-users] cant restart local master



Look at the config settings for "ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR" and make sure it would authorize you.

condor_config_val ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR


If it is not set, you can set it in your config file:



You will also want to turn on authentication for admin commands.  Add this to your config:



Since you can't currently run condor_restart, you'll have to manually stop and start condor this time to load the new config (or send the condor_master process a SIGHUP).


If it still not working, look in the MasterLog file to see what reason it gives for the Permission Denied and we can take it from there.







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Date: Friday, December 4, 2020 at 1:15 PM
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I am unable to figure out what security does root of exec node require

to do a successful condor_restart of all daemons. Right now I get this

error message when I execute "condor_restart" on the same execute

machine. What setting allows this command to execute properly? or am I

using the command wrong?


[root@simclu-wn02 ~]# condor_restart



SECMAN:2010:Received "DENIED" from server for user

unauthenticated@unmapped using no authentication method, which may imply

host-based security.  Our address was '', and server's

address was ''.  Check your ALLOW settings and IP protocols.

Can't send Restart command to local master








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