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Re: [HTCondor-users] Multiple DedicatedScheduler for single Execute

Hi Todd!

Thanks for your reply! Is it possible to combine all SCHEDDs into oneÂDedicatedScheduler?

I have execute nodes with different resources and I need to submit parallel jobs withÂall kinds of resource combinations. So I cannot divide my machines to disjoint subset.ÂBut I would like to be able to expand the number ofÂSCHEDDsÂdue to the heavy load.

ÑÑ, 5 ÑÐÐÑ. 2020 Ð. Ð 22:47, Todd L Miller <tlmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> But now I can perform parallel tasks from only one submit. How to
> specify the second SCHEDD in addition to the first as DedicatedScheduler
> on my STARTDs?

    My understanding is that each dedicated scheduler must operate on
a disjoint subset of the pool. You determine what the subset it is by
configuring each startd to report to a particular dedicated scheduler.
If you have enough nodes, this can be a reasonable solution.

    You could also use the job router to automatically send
parallel-universe jobs submitted on one schedd to the other one to be run.

- ToddM
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