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[HTCondor-users] Dynamically remove machine classAD

Hello Experts,

I have a query regarding dynamic classADs. To populate the machine classAD following CRON is added, it's working fine to add classAD as soon as any file starting with team_ is appearing in /spare/conda/team-classads directory. But once I remove the file still machine classAD remains. To remove the classAD I have to delete the CONDATEST cron and do condor_reconfig. How can we dynamically delete the classADs like we can add them?

STARTD_CRON_CONDATEST_EXECUTABLE = /var/tmp/condor_condatest_classads.sh

cat /var/tmp/condor_condatest_classads.sh
# Executed by Condor to periodically set custom class ad attributes

exec 2>/dev/null
if [[ -d "$team_classad_path" ]]; then
    for each_team_file in "$team_classad_path"/* ; do
        if [[ $each_team_file_name =~ ^team_* ]]; then
            read content < $each_team_file
            echo "$each_team_file_name = \"${content:-0}\""

Addition/remove works with another script which is included using "include command: <SCRIPT>" before START condition but I want to manage this configuration separatedly and don't want to include new script before START conditions of machine.

Thanks & Regards,
Vikrant Aggarwal