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Re: [HTCondor-users] Absent node still active

Hi Kruno,

A couple quick thoughts on this:

1.  The collector is essentially a hashtable of ClassAds, and the key is a tuple of the classad's Name attribute and the MyAddress (ip address) attribute.  In the logs below, it appears that the first time batch1066.desy was marked as absent, it had an IP address of, as shown from this log entry:
07/13/20 15:12:44 Added ad to persistent store key=<slot2_3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,>
But then when this node crashed a second time, the Collector appears to have made a second absent entry because the IP address was different as shown here:
07/14/20 23:42:44 Added ad to persistent store key=<slot2_22@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,>

So from the Collector's perspective, these are two different server instances.  Thus the original absent entry, with IP address, did not get replaced when the node crashed again.

2.  It seems bizarre to have absent ads for each slot, esp when your startd is configured for partitionable slots.  Perhaps instead of configuring


you may prefer to say something like


Hope the above helps,
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