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Re: [HTCondor-users] debian ssl error

On 3/9/2020 11:47 PM, Stefan Harjes wrote:
Hi condor users,

I run a condor cluster with ssl authentication, where jobs are run by windows and linux execution nodes. I recently set up a debian buster system and it installs htcondor-8.6.8. When I use the exact same configuration as my other red hat systems (same access rights for the certificates as well), this new debian system is not capable to connect to the collector. Instead it logs the error message:

   SSL Auth: Error loading certificate from file

The only thing I google regarding this error is the actual condor source code. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


Just a super quick thought:

Given all the certs are the same, in the same locations (CA signing certs etc), and the HTCondor config is the same, and it all works on your Red Hat Machines.... I am wondering: What is the HTCondor version running on your Red Hat execute nodes? My guess is version 8.8.x, not 8.6.x.... You could try running the same HTCondor version on your Debian system as you run on your Red Hat systems. You can find HTCondor v8.8.x buster binaries via htcondor.org.... see:

This URL might provide a hint as well:

Hope the above helps