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Re: [HTCondor-users] migrating a machine classad to job classad

Il 12/05/20 23:03, John M Knoeller ha scritto:
Did you run the condor_q command while the job was running?
Yes;  i run it repeatedly and see JobStatus changing: 1 --> 2 --> 4
Other values are undefined (except for  LastRemoteHost, which has value from when  JobStatus == 2

$$() expansion requires that the Schedd have an associated Match ad that it gets from the Negotiator.
If that ad does not exist in the Schedd or does not have the given attribute, then the $$() expansion for condor_q
does not happen.

So the query you show below might be correct for a job that is idle.   Also I think you should be looking at RemoteHost
not LastRemoteHost