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[HTCondor-users] Reminder: free HTCondor workshop virtual event in three weeks, join us!

Dear HTCondor community,

Only three weeks to go until the 2020 European HTCondor workshop starts.
Everyone is welcome, registration is free!  Many of you
have registered already. Those who haven't yet, there is still time
to do so. Beware that registration is required - only registered
participants will receive the link to the videoconference/Webcast.
So... if you are interested, register now!


If you have registered, or consider doing so, we would very much like to
know about your project, your experience and your plans. Hence you are
warmly encouraged to propose a short presentation. Please submit your
abstract on the Workshop Web page https://indico.cern.ch/e/htcondor2020
by Wednesday September 9th at the latest.

Hoping to (virtually) meet you soon,

Todd Tannenbaum
HTCondor Technical Lead, U Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Helge Meinhard
Chair of organizing committee, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland