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Re: [HTCondor-users] Permission denied error

Thanks for your response, it was very helpful! I added the line:

getenv = True

to the submit file, and it fixed the error.


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Subject: Re: [HTCondor-users] Permission denied error

So this path  “/.polymake” is pretty suspicious.   This is probably supposed to be “<somedir>/.polymake”

where <somedir> is very likely something polymake gets from the environment.  -- Some environment

variable that you system admin setup and it exists when you run the polymake from a command prompt,

but it doesn’t exist when it’s a job under HTCondor.


You might want to have a look at UserSettings.pm line 98 and see if you can figure out where it’s trying to

get the directory.  If it *is* an environment variable, then you insure that that is set.  Or maybe there is a

way you can pass polymake an argument and tell it to skip trying to create .polymake.


You can set environment variables in your condor submit file, if you know the value at submit time. if not

you may have to write a small wrapper script that sets that environment variable and then runs polymake




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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Permission denied error


Hi everyone,


I am having some trouble running a simple condor job. In my queue script, I have my executable set to run something like:


/usr/bin/polymake --script $SCRIPT $ARG


When I run the queue script, it submits the job successfully, but it completes with return value 13, and the error file reads:

mkdir /.polymake: Permission denied at /usr/share/polymake/perllib/Polymake/Core/UserSettings.pm line 98


When I try to run this bash script on any machine in the mathematics dept, it works. I've been trying several different things and have searched the web for a solution with no luck.


Can someone help me with this?



Daniel Corey