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Re: [HTCondor-users] limit the number of CPUS based on memory

The Cpus value can be an integer.  But keep in mind that you can do
arbitrary math by using the $INT() or $REAL() macro expansions. 

So, for instance you can use the classad min function to make sure that you 
configure at least 2 GB per core in the slot, but don't go over the actual number of cpus.

# the CPUs calculation 
cpus_per_2gb = min( {$(DETECTED_CORES), $(DETECTED_MEMORY) / 2048} )

# we evaluate the CPUs calculation to an integer when $INT() is expanded


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I guess this is mostly a question about arithmetic with classads :)

So I am wondering if, in order to provide for as many cores as
possible to run jobs that use 2 GB of mem max, I can do something like


Question 1: can cpus here be an integer, or must be a percentage?
Question 2: if it can be an integer, would that be the right _expression_?

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