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[HTCondor-users] best model to make CondorCE available to small groups

Hi all,

we are running CondorCEs, where so far larger VOs have been the only users. Now we got asked by a smaller group how they could use the CondorCEs to submit their grid jobs to us.

(I had a similar question before, but that has been more or less for internal monitoring of the job flow) While in principle I as a user can submit a job directly to a CondorCE, the overall usage is more orientated to be used through a production system - which might be too much for a smallish group.

Thus, I am looking for a good way on how to make the CondorCEs accessible, so that the group can
 * submit jobs
 * query their and only their job states
 * stage results back
from the command line and which is also GDPR compliant.

Is there already a suggested setup for such a use case?

Cheers and thanks,

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