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Re: [HTCondor-users] Prioritize newest CPUs in matchmaking

On 12/31/21 8:49 AM, West, Matthew wrote:
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the Winter-Break response. Does the CpuFamily & CpuModelNumber ranking work when you have both Intel & AMD systems in your pool? I have only ever worked on Intel boxes, so I don't know what an AMD system reports in those attributes. The information in these attributes is pulled from lscpuâ or cat /proc/cpuinfoâ parsed output, correct?

Hi Matt:

Oh, you are right -- I should have pointed out that these are the same values from /proc/cpuinfo. AMD chips also define CpuFamily and CpuModelNumber, but they have very different values, sadly. In most pools, AMD and Intel chips from the same decade (roughly) usually have very separate CpuModelNumbers.

Also, HTCondor, by default, runs a couple of short, simplistic cpu benchmarks when the startd starts, and advertises two attributes, Mips and Kflops. If you are just looking for the raw, single-core performance of a machine, you can sort your machines based on those. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide if running on the fastest machine is the most energy-efficient way to run a program.

Thanks, and happy new year,