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Re: [HTCondor-users] Submission to remote slurm cluster is Failing consistently


Now I ran it on the server (where bosco node is hosted) and it shows me the following output 
     User   Def Acct     Admin    Cluster    Account  Partition     Share MaxJobs MaxNodes  MaxCPUs MaxSubmit     MaxWall  MaxCPUMins                  QOS   Def QOS 
---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------- ------- -------- -------- --------- ----------- ----------- -------------------- --------- 
     hbaig  pi-mendes      None     xanadu  pi-mendes                    1                                                             general,himem,speci+           

Could you please tell me if it tells something meaningful which needs to be fixed.


On Feb 2, 2021, at 12:37 PM, christoph.beyer@xxxxxxx wrote:

acctmgr show user <user> withassoc