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Re: [HTCondor-users] Unable to start Abaqus MPI Jobs with HTCondor

Dear Greg,

at first. It works, actually. It seems to be, that the main knob to be
turned on is


With that knob, and as before getenv = true, the issue is gone. I will
and have to spend more time for testing.

Maybe you are able to explain the main differences why the one is
working and the won't.

Furthermore, is there any possibility to contribute to the documentation
that e.g. describes how to setup

htcondor for an appropriate Abaqus usage? Since I found docu-pages about
SLURM & Abaqus,

I would like to save these findings for the posterity.



On 08/02/2021 16:30, Greg Thain wrote:

On 2/8/21 2:55 AM, felix.koelzow@xxxxxx wrote:
Dear Greg,

I will spend some more time regarding environment variables.

Since default condor_submit does not work and condor_submit -i does

do you say it is most likely some environment variables or maybe another

issue, i.e. are we on the right track focusing on env-variables?

That would be my guess. Another thing to try would be to submit with

getenv = true

in the submit file, which passes all the environment variables from
the submit side to the execute side.


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