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Re: [HTCondor-users] procd needed for gangliad?

1/ The condor_master just watches the other daemons and restarts them if the crash or become unresponsive.

2/ The gangliad dynamically loads the gmond client library to report metrics. If that doesn't work, then the gmetric command is used to report metrics. Both of these methods use the configuration found in the gmond.conf file.

3/ The gangliad can be used to report any metric from the condor_collector. So, it is possible to monitor the CE this way. Perhaps a CE expert may chime in here.


On 1/18/21 4:50 AM, Nagaraj Panyam wrote:


I have an existing Ganglia gmetad node, and now I have the condor_master that I want to monitor. I have installed condor 8.8.12 on the gmetad node. Some queries:

1/ On the GMETAD node, I have the single line DAEMON_LIST = GANGLIAD . But I notice that master, procd, shared_p and gangliad are all running. Are the other three needed besides gangliad (i mean, its a node that is *not* a condor_master)

2/ What should be the entries in ganglia/metad.conf for capturing the data from MASTER? Please help with a sample code snippet!

3/ Is there a way to also monitor htcondor_ce on my existing Ganglia gmetad host? does it use the same ports? Can someone please help with by pointing out the required config file settings?



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