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[HTCondor-users] procd needed for gangliad?


I have an existing Ganglia gmetad node, and now I have the condor_master that I want to monitor. I have installed condor 8.8.12 on the gmetad node. Some queries:

1/ On the GMETAD node, I have the single line DAEMON_LIST = GANGLIAD . But I notice that master, procd, shared_p and gangliad are all running. Are the other three needed besides gangliad (i mean, its a node that is *not* a condor_master)

2/ What should be the entries in ganglia/metad.conf for capturing the data from MASTER? Please help with a sample code snippet!

3/ Is there a way to also monitor htcondor_ce on my existing Ganglia gmetad host? does it use the same ports? Can someone please help with by pointing out the required config file settings?