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[HTCondor-users] HTCondorCE route fails with set_+AdName

Hi all,

I had been trying to write a CondorCE route, that injects two ad hoc class ads as
  set_+RequestRuntime = 86400;
  set_+RequestGpus = 1;
(copied numbly from a test job description).

But the JobRouterLog just iterates this message [1].

Dropping the '+' from ad set seems to placate the CE, so I guess '+' is a forbidden character in ads here - and is really just like an 'operator' for adding own ads during submission, or?


06/07/21 17:18:44 JobRouter: route  is not valid:
06/07/21 17:18:44 JobRouter: route  converted to :
	set_+RequestRuntime = 86400;
	set_+RequestGpus = 1;

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