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Re: [HTCondor-users] Is a JobStatus==5 check required in a periodic_release expression?

> On Mar 1, 2021, at 11:51 AM, Michael Pelletier via HTCondor-users <htcondor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A question cropped up from slide 103, which perhaps Kristina can answer - is it necessary to check to confirm if the JobStatus as held in the periodic_release expression? I don't usually do it, since I figure the fact that PeriodicRelease is true doesn't matter unless the job is already held since the "should I periodic release" question is moot if the job isn't held,  but I have a peculiar unexplained situation from a couple of weeks ago that's got me wondering.

You do not need to check the JobStatus attribute in a periodic_release expression. As you suspected, releasing doesnât make sense if the job is in any other status. The expression is only checked if the job is held. 

 - Jaime