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[HTCondor-users] question about accounting groups


I am looking into setting up accounting and plotting on our condor setup. Weâve traditionally done this by unix groups, see this plot:


For how the plots look now under the torque batch system â on the top plot, right hand side, is a list of unix user groups and how much of the system was used by each during the past 7 days, giving also the color code legend for the plot, which is a stacked histogram of the number of jobs running by each of those unix groups at each sample point.

Condor does not have, AFAICT, this concept of accounting by unix groups - what I read is that the user needs to specify an accounting group (completely unrelated to unix groups). How can I have this automatically set to the unix group, except for cases where the user overrides it? Also : we ultimately need to consider doing fair share on these same unix groups - are the numbers going into the fair share calculations the same set going into accounting? I would like to avoid setting up parallel infrastructures for things that are identical.

Also : does the user have complete freedom to put any group they want? I hope not; I would not want to have to police the system. Not all groups have the same allocation here, and users are quite opportunistic when theyâve found shortcuts to getting their jobs running.