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Re: [HTCondor-users] question about accounting groups

On 3/23/21 6:04 AM, Jeff Templon wrote:

I am looking into setting up accounting and plotting on our condor setup. Weâve traditionally done this by unix groups, see this plot:


For how the plots look now under the torque batch system â on the top plot, right hand side, is a list of unix user groups and how much of the system was used by each during the past 7 days, giving also the color code legend for the plot, which is a stacked histogram of the number of jobs running by each of those unix groups at each sample point.

Condor does not have, AFAICT, this concept of accounting by unix groups - what I read is that the user needs to specify an accounting group (completely unrelated to unix groups). How can I have this automatically set to the unix group, except for cases where the user overrides it?

Hi Jeff:

Out of the box, Condor does not take into consideration Unix groups, and it allows users to opt into any accounting groups that exist. I'm happy to hear that your users value your cluster enough to try to game the system.

Both of these defaults can be overriden by configuration. With the one configuration metaknob in the schedd's config file:

use feature: AssignAccountingGroup( path/to/map/file)

and a map file with lines of the syntax

* UserName AccountingGroupName

(where the * is, indeed, a literal asterisk), the schedd will automatically insert the accounting group named "AccountingGroupName" for users who unix login matches the regex UserName. If the user tries to set their accounting group to any other value (either in the submit file, or by cleverly running condor_qedit), it will fail. You'll need to generate this map file via some script from the Unix group data.

The AccountingGroupName field can also be a comma separated list, in which case the user is allowed to select one of the entries in the list. If none is specified, the first field is the default value.