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[HTCondor-users] conditionals on condor_submit (complex)


I'm trying to submit a Java job that has different java_vm_args if on Linux.

universe = java
executable = fat-jar.jar
arguments = startFatJar
jar_files = fat-jar.jar

# if machine running is linux add an agentpath
if(OpSys == "LINUX")
  java_vm_args = -agentpath:/var/lib/libjvmquake-linux-x86_64.so
  java_vm_args =

But it fails with this message:
$ condor_submit condor_job
Submitting job(s)
ERROR: on Line 9 of submit file: OpSys == "LINUX" is not a valid if condition because complex conditionals are not supported

Is there anyway around this?

Many thanks for the help,