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Re: [HTCondor-users] Configuring a default scheduler address

I found a weird behaviour today related to this issue.

Job submission works without a problem, but when using the "condor_q" command, no jobs appear after submitting them. If you use the "condor_q -user <username>", same thing. But if you use "condor_q -all", then all users' jobs appear, including your own.

If you do this on the machine where the scheduler is running, this does not happen: running "condor_q" shows that user's queued jobs.

I suppose this is an issue with user mapping across machines, but I thought that the authentication method managed that already.

El 15/02/2022 a las 21:46, Todd Tannenbaum escribiÃ:
On 2/15/2022 2:29 PM, Javier Barbero wrote:
That is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much Todd! Everything is up and running as I wanted now.


Fantastic! Glad we could help and that you got it working.


El 15/2/22 a las 20:47, Todd Tannenbaum escribiÃ:
On 2/15/2022 11:13 AM, Javier Barbero GÃmez wrote:
Hi, this is related to my previous thread about setting up File System Remote authentication, as it is part of my goal of using a single scheduler for the whole cluster, but I decided to ask separately as it is a separate question.

I want to achieve the following behaviour: all jobs submitted through "condor_submit" from any machine in my cluster should be sent to the same scheduler in a set machine. Similarly, when using "condor_q" this scheduler should be queried. Usually this is achieved using the "-name" option in both cases and specifying the address there, but I want to make it transparent to users so they do not have to type it out every time or remember to include this in their scripts.

Hi Javier,

I believe what you want to do is set SCHEDD_HOST config knob in the condor_config file(s) on your machines. For instance, if your config has

ÂÂÂ SCHEDD_HOST = submit05.foo.edu

Then whenever users enter "condor_q", "condor_rm", "condor_submit", etc, it will default to using the schedd at "submit05.foo.edu", just as if you had used the "-name" argument. This also works with the Python API (bindings) as expected.

Also you may find the below HOWTO of interest:


Hope the above helps.


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