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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor Week Speaker Information

Thank you for presenting a talk, either in-person or remotely, at HTCondor Week 2022! We're excited to hear about your experiences, and hope you enjoy your time meeting and learning from others in the HTCondor community.

First, as a reminder, here are the Zoom credentials for the meeting. We are using the same zoom link for the entire event. Please do not share these Zoom credentials. 


Meeting ID: 963 7232 0134 Passcode: 149466

The detailed schedule is here:  


We will need your slides in advance of your presentations so we can have them ready and on-screen when your talk begins. Please email your slides, ideally in both PDF and Powerpoint formats to htcondor-week@xxxxxxxxxxx, no later than the day before your presentation. If you have an Indico account (event site), you may also upload them directly yourself if you prefer. ( https://agenda.hep.wisc.edu/event/1733/abstracts/)

Our goal is to present all slides directly from the event website. If you do not want your slides displayed publicly, please let us know when you send them so we can make alternate arrangements.

For speakers presenting remotely, you should be very familiar with Zoom presentations. Please join the Zoom meeting in advance of the start of your talk in case we are running ahead of schedule and to detect any problems your Zoom client may be having. The Zoom hosts will be watching for you and will make you a co-host so you can share your screen, enable your microphone and webcam, and whatever else you need. Please watch the Zoom âChatâ window in the event we need to contact you; likewise, feel free to contact any of us via Zoom chat to any Host of Co-Host in the Zoom room.  In case of technical difficulties and contacting us via Zoom chat fails, send email to htcondor-week@xxxxxxxxxxxx

For those presenting in person at the Fluno Center, we have some detailed information below. First and most importantly, we have two AV specialists on hand to help you. 

Five minutes before you are scheduled to speak, head up to the podium so that a lavalier (lapel mic) can be attached.  There is also a microphone at the podium if you would rather not wear the lavalier.

For presentation of slides, media, or other content, there are two options: 

Local Using Podium PC (preferred option):
  1. Provide slides well before your presentation by sending them to htcondor-week@xxxxxxxxxxx; we will add them to the event website (Indico) and the Podium PC.  You also have the option for your presentation to use a USB Flash Drive to get your content onto the Podium PC.  The Podium PC can handle either PowerPoint or PDF presentations.  The Podium PC is an internet connected Windows 10 machine equipped with the current version of PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Zoom, a Web Browser, and an ssh client.
  2. The AV Specialist will ensure that the Podium PC is joined to the appropriate Zoom Room as âFluno Auditoriumâ and the screen is shared, so both the live in-person audience and also the remote audience can see and hear your presentation. 
  3. A clicker device is available if you want to use the lapel mic and clicker in tandem to move about the floor of the speaking space while advancing your slides. 

Local Using own laptop (less preferable):

  1. If your talk does not have special needs, we ask that you use the Podium PC. However, if your talk has special requirements beyond capabilities of PowerPoint, PDF, ssh terminal, or Web Browser based presentations (e.g. a live demo), you will need to use your own laptop.  
  2. Your device needs to be on a network. At the Fluno Center, there is a Wireless network called Fluno with no password protection. This can be used for wireless access.  
  3. Your laptop must be able to run Zoom; we suggest you install the Zoom application instead of just using the browser-based version of Zoom. Join the Zoom meeting at the above URL in advance of your talk start time. Your laptop should not join Zoom audio, and if it does, mute your microphone and disable speaker output to prevent feedback. The best choice is to not even connect audio via zoom from your personal laptop.  Your laptop will be used just to screen share to Zoom; the audio and video feeds will come from microphones/cameras at the speaker podium; presenters will use either podium microphone or lapel mic to transmit audio and will be viewable through the Podium PC Webcam.
  4. We will not plug your laptop into the projector; instead, the Podium PC will simply display Zoom, and your presentation will be visible by sharing your laptop screen via Zoom.  Essentially, you will be using your laptop just like you would if you were presenting remotely via Zoom, except that you will be using the speaker podium mics/cameras instead of your laptops.

We are looking forward to your presentation and many thanks!

The HTCondor Week Team