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Re: [HTCondor-users] Email notification when job complete


>From my testing I was able to receive an email claiming to be from a specified email address upon job completion.

My Config file:
     - MAIL_FROM = Personal@xxxxxxxxx
My Submit file:
     - notification = Complete
     - notify_user = Work@xxxxxxxx

If you are on a Windows machine you do have to set a configuration knob to a mail server. I don't know what configuration knob at the moment but I could dig around to help if you need it. Otherwise, the issue may be that you set the MAIL_FROM knob but never got the necessary daemons reconfigured with the knob and value. The one  daemon in question I believe is the Schedd. It should only need reconfiguring but possibly a restart. To check if MAIL_FROM has been set just run:
condor_config_val -dump mail

Best of luck,
Cole Bollig

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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Email notification when job complete

We would like to configurate the feature of email notification when jobs complete. 
According to the user manual, we take the following configuration. 

- in /etc/condor/condor_config 
    - MAIL_FROM  = <xyz@xxxxxxxxxx>

- in submit description file   
    - notification = Complete 
    - notify_user = <abc@xxxxxxxxxx> 

Unfortunitily, above sending adress defined by "MAIL_FROM" didn't work. 
And other two parameters "notification" and "notify_user" works normally, as we checked that condor tried to send email to address defined by "notify_user". 

My question is 
1. how to configure the sending address of the email notification?
2. is there any other parameters I should configurate?