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Re: [condor-users] java-universe on Win2k: Jobs won't run

I think the best way is to take a look at the logs on that machine. In particular the StarterLog. This may provide you with some clues.

My personal experience shows that Condor on Windows (6.5.4) sometimes stops accepting jobs for a while in a situation where the job it was running got cancelled. I hope this is not your case.

Alexander Klyubin

On 07/30/2003 08:54 PM, Mark Silberstein wrote:
I guess you have invalid java path there.

Run condor_status -java and if you get nothing, this is an indication
that the path is wrong. Go to condor_config and change it. The fact that you've made it through
the installer does not ensure the correctness of the installation

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 13:01, Stefan Frank wrote:


I just started with Condor and have installed Condor 6.4.7 on a win2k machine: Submitting ordinary jobs to the vanilla-universe works fine, but when i submit jobs to the Java Universe, they won't run and just stay in the queue. I even tried to reinstall condor and set everything to "Always Run Jobs" - but with no effect. I have installed Condor with the installer, so the path to the jvm(v. 1.4.1) should be correct. **
The analyze gives for the java jobs:
1 match, but prefer another specific job despite its worse user-priority

Anything else I can do?!*


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