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[condor-users] Grid Computing with Condor-G and Globus (again sorry)

I will outline what im trying to do.

I have written some software which in essence analyse's a dataset and produces a result
now if you take that dataset and apply bootstrapping to create say 1000 pseudo datasets
similar to the original dataset and analyse the 1000 seperate datasets and then take
the 1000 outputs and aggregate them... this final result is more acurate than if the
original dataset was just analysed itself.

So as you can see using many machines to carry out this task would be an advantage.

From what i have understood again - in the context of the grid.. i myself do
not need
to run the clusters for this task? Using Condor-G and globus the grid is realised by
the fact that one of more clusters will now be at my disposal - which one or more
of the clusters may actually be my own?

So i can create a portal for this service which could be implemented as a simple webpage
with a fileupload and does the work and returns the results back the webpage or
use remote procedure calling and the client can implement a interface which can
give them access to the service - so their own application can submit the dataset
which can then be processed on the grid?

Could i not just implement the same but the server application which provides the
interfaces to the service just does the work straight to condor and generates
a job file and runs it with condor_submit?

what major advantage does the grid give to me? just the ability to get resources
as and when required?

once again.. thanks for all the help i have recieved so far.

Chris Miles, Paisley University, Scotland

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