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Re: [condor-users] enhenced condor_status

On Sunday 19 October 2003 6:30 pm, Olivier Ricou wrote:
> Hi,
>  I would like to know if it is possible to have dynamic informations
> on the free memory on computers, CPU, free disk, free swap... For
> what I have seen, condor_status -long just gives static informations.
>  It could be nice if we could add on each computer a function
> (a script) which compute data available thru a condor command like
> condor_status -custom

Yup.  The short answer: Look in to the Hawkeye configuration parameters.  You 
want to configure the "cron" module of the startd.

The long answer:  You'll probably want to add something like:

# Name the cron

# Empty job list

# First job
HAWKEYE_JOBS = $(HAWKEYE_JOBS) foo:foo_:/usr/local/bin/foo:1h

# Second job
HAWKEYE_JOBS = $(HAWKEYE_JOBS) bar:bar_:/usr/local/bin/bar:10m

# Third job
HAWKEYE_JOBS = $(HAWKEYE_JOBS) fubar:fubar_:/usr/local/bin/fubar:1d

All of these executables, /usr/local/bin/{foo,bar,fubar} should "attribute = 
value" pairs to stdout, with a "-" as a terminiator line.  For example:

attr1 = 3
attr2 = "a b c d"

Job 1, "foo", would be run once per hour, and foo_ would be prefixed to it's 
stdout, job 2 "bar" would run every 10 minutes, and job 3 "fubar" would run 
once per day.

For more information, see the Hawkeye web page, and look at the Hawkeye 
section of the Condor manual (in the Startd configuation discussion).

-Nick (the primary Hawkeye developer)

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