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Re: [condor-users] Using globus with condor?

Im having real problems trying to do this... can i use GT3 with condor?

It depends on what you mean.

1) Condor can submit jobs to Globus. We call this the Globus universe, or Condor-G.

2) Globus can submit jobs to Condor.

Right now, #1 only works with Globus 2.x. We are working hard to make it work with Globus 3. I don't know of an estimated release date yet though--I know it's been a bit difficult, but we've made some good progress.

#2 should work with GT3, although I don't have personal experience with it myself.

Do i only install globus on the central manager machines of clusters?
Is there a globus central manager as such to control the globus nodes?

Globus has a so-called gatekeeper node. This just turns around and does a condor_subimt (or the equivalent for another batch system). It does not need to be on the Condor central manager. In fact, it's best to be a separate machine, because sometimes the gatekeeper node can become quite loaded.

There is no such thing as "globus nodes". Globus submits jobs to an underlying batch system.


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