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Re: [condor-users] Stop Job from matching to the same node

Alain Roy wrote:

LastMatchName0 = "some-gatekeeper-ad-name" LastMatchName1 = "some-other-gatekeeper-ad-name" ..

LastMatchName0 will hold the most recent match name. The list will
be rotated (LastMatchName0 will move to LastMatchName1, etc) with a max length
defined by match_list_length in the submit file, which has a default value of zero
(i.e. don't keep this list in the job ad by default). The idea
of this list is to allow the job to prefer to match with a different
resource (or the same) as in the past.

Then make your requirements expression refer to these matches.

Thanks Alain and Derek, that is exactly what I needed, I will modify our default SUB file to contain this.


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