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Re: [condor-users] globus -> condor matching problem

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 14:54, Dan Bradley wrote:
> Mark Calleja wrote:
> >>>      should_transfer_files = YES
> >>>      when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
> >>>      
> >>>
> >OK, I've added the two lines that Alain recommended and also forced all
> >jobs to be run as vanilla ones ...
> >However, the contents of the redirected stdout are not returned to this 
> >machine (recall that this program simply echoes "hello world"), and the
> >initially touched file remains empty.
> >
> The bad news is that Condor 6.4.5 doesn't handle staging of 
> stdout/stderr back into the GASS cache correctly.  The good news is that 
> this is fixed in Condor 6.5.5.

Hmmm. Even though we're running Condor 6.4.5, if the job I submit gets
run in the standard universe then I get stdout back to the submitting
machine. It's when the jobs are palmed off as vanilla universe jobs that
stdout doesn't return to the Condor-G client (even though the log on the
client reports successful completion). It's this discrepancy that I find
difficult to understand.

> However, are you sure that file staging is going to work out for real 
> jobs?  I mean, if you need to access any other input files, then you'll 
> have to hack the Condor jobmanager to specify in the submit file that 
> these input files should be transferred, or you'll have to require that 
> submitters include the correct Globus RSL string to make it happen.  
> Note that if you do it via the RSL string, then you shouldn't have to 
> change your Condor jobmanager at all.

That's tomorrow's problem!

Thanks for the help,


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