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Re: [condor-users] Segmentation Fault

Alain Roy wrote:

However, when I start condor_master, only startd and schedd follow; the collector and negotiator daemons don't start up.

Before doing anything else, we need to figure out why they didn't start up.

There are two common problems.

1) There was an error. Look in MasterLog, CollectorLog and NegotiatorLog to see if you see errors.

2) You didn't tell Condor to start them up. What is DAEMON_LIST in your condor_config file on the machine in question?


Ok; I've added the collector and negotiator to the startup list on the master node... I thought that would have been automatic once I told the installation procedure that that machine would be the master... oops.

However, now I run condor status and I only see that local machine. I have another one, in windows, which I've install the latest condor on, and I can add jobs to the cue, but they remain idle; and that machine doesn't show up on the master's condor status list.


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