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[condor-users] synchronously starting multiple jobs in Condor

My group has developed a Matlab library, called MatlabMPI, which implements a subset of the MPI library. Currently, it launches Matlab on multiple machines by sending commands via rsh. Currently, we are trying to integrate MatlabMPI with Condor.

Like MPI, all processes in a MatlabMPI program must start executing at the same time. Otherwise, any process that needs to communicate with an idle process will cause the MatlabMPI program to hang.

We have been trying to figure out if there is a way to force Condor to synchronously start executing a set of Matlab processes distributed across a cluster. Does any one have any ideas? Is this functionality built into Condor, or will this require a hack?

Hahn Kim
MIT Lincoln Laboratory    Phone: (781) 981-0940
244 Wood Street, S2-252     Fax: (781) 981-5255
Lexington, MA 02420      E-mail: hgk@xxxxxxxxxx

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