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[condor-users] Condor v6.6.0 for Windows package

> maybe I'm wrong, but could it be, that the 6.6.0-version for Windows equals
> to the 6.5.5-version? I've installed Condor on my Computers. The
> Transfer-file-problem was still there. So I checked all Services/Daemons
> with "condor -version". And the result was always:

Unfortunately, there was a glitch with the packaging for the Windows
version, and the 6.6.0 package that was on the website contained 6.5.5
binaries. This problem has been fixed, and the new package contains
the correct binaries. Those that have downloaded the bad package will
be notified of this problem so that they can pick up the corrected
package. I appologize for the confusion and inconvenience.

Colin Stolley
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