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[condor-users] Computation in condor_submit macros


I am trying to use submit macros to alter specify a portion of the input filenames. (This would extend also to output and error names, too.) Specifically, I'm trying to specify the input file with a process number ($(PROCESS)) incremented by one. So instead of the first process having an input file of "input.0.dat" that was generated with

input = input.$(PROCESS).dat,

it would be "input.1.dat". To derive this, I tried defining my own macro:
PROCPLUS1 = ($(PROCESS) + 1), and substituted it into

input = input.$(PROCPLUS1).dat

but this didn't work because it looked like it only performed a string substitution.

(Btw, I cannot change the input filename number scheme - that would have been a simple solution, but it isn't available to me.)

I've looked in the condor_submit "man" page <http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.6/condor_submit.html#33200> for clues and even <http://computing.ee.ethz.ch/programming/condor.en.html>, but everything seems to indicate that the Condor submit macros are only text substitution tools and cannot do any mathematical computations. Is that true?

Any ideas?

Thank you,
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