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Re: [condor-users] One vm or two?

I have condor running on a cluster of dual processor Intel boxes, each with
512meg of physical memory.  I'd like to be able to configure things so that
each of these nodes can run either two small jobs or one big one.  Is this

That's not particularly easy to do, sorry. Is it a serious problem if a big job runs on the same machine as a small job? You could do something like this:

* Split it into three (yes, three) identical virtual machines.

  * Label one of the virtual machines as only running jobs that are
    labelled as "big jobs". (Use something like +BigJob = True" in
    your submit file.), and label the other two machine as only running
    small jobs.

  * Use JOB_RENICE_INCREMENT to change the priority of the small jobs
    to be less (or greater, if you prefer) than the big jobs, thus
    preventing too much interference.

This is a somewhat tricky setup. We have done something like this before, and a description of it has been written up. I encourage you to read it, to get an idea of some of the flexible policies you can use, even though we can't do exactly what you are asking for.


By the way, other Condor users should read these--it's a great example of how to do some really cool things with Condor.

This document in in MS Word format. If that's a problem for anyone, email me and I'll send you a PDF version. We should get a PDF version on the web page.


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