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Re: [condor-users] One vm or two?


> This is a somewhat tricky setup. We have done something like this before, 
> and a description of it has been written up. I encourage you to read it, to 
> get an idea of some of the flexible policies you can use, even though we 
> can't do exactly what you are asking for.

Thanks for the good advice.  There are some useful tricks in there. 
Unfortunately, though, I don't think it'll do what I need.  When I say
"big" or "small" jobs, I mean that in terms of memory use, not running
time.  Creating three equal vms would mean that each has one-third of
the machine's physical memory, and then no job that requires more than
that would ever run.  Do I have that right? Or is it possible to assign
each vm all of the memory, and then use some other strategy to make them
share it?

Rob Malouf <rmalouf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Department of Linguistics and Oriental Languages
San Diego State University

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