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Re: [condor-users] One vm or two?

On Sat, 06 Dec 2003 10:28:17 +0200  Mark Silberstein wrote:

> Doesn't Condor update the job's Image size during the job is
> running?


> We had our Matlab jobs evicted when they were reaching 1/2 of the
> memory in the dual CPU machine. So the fact the job declares about
> itself to require only 1 KB of RAM helps only to get the resource,
> but not get the job completed.
> I'm definitely missing something, can you explain?

the startd only evicts jobs that use "too much" memory if you
configure it to be that way.  for example, your PREEMPT and/or SUSPEND
expression must have a clause like this:

PREEMPT = (...) || (TARGET.ImageSize > Memory * 1024)

unfortunately, ImageSize is in kbytes, while Memory is in mbytes. :(

so, if you don't have anything like that in your PREEMPT and SUSPEND
expressions, Condor will happily let your job keep running, even if
it's using more RAM than it asked for.


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