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Re: [condor-users] dedicated resources vs. testing mode

Hahn Kim wrote:

The only real differences I can see between these two settings are:

1) The testing mode settings allow any job to be launched on that machine and will run that job to completion

2) The dedicated resource settings identify which machines are configured to be dedicated resources and will only launch jobs that request dedicated resources onto those machines.

If I want all machines in my entire cluster to be set up as dedicated resources, is one better than the other?

When you say you want everything to be set up as "dedicated resources", do you mean just machines that do not preempt jobs, or do you mean machines that run MPI jobs? That's the main difference between the two cases you are comparing.

The "testingmode" example will run any jobs submitted from any schedd in your pool. The dedicated resources example will only run MPI jobs submitted by the designated schedd.

Dan Bradley

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